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Airports in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Why Should You Visit Tbilisi in Georgia

Situated on the banks of the Kura River, Tbilisi is the vibrant capital and the largest city of the Republic of Georgia. Located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, the city is surrounded by the majestic mountain range, the Lesser Caucasus Mountains and is home to an eclectic blend of cultures. Blessed with historically and culturally significant attractions, the city shines in its own unique way and has come to be known as Georgia’s ‘Pearl of the Caucasus’.

Tbilisi has something for every kind of traveler, from historical monuments to extraordinary mountain views and mouthwatering cuisine. A stroll along the banks of River Kura and the colorful old town transports its visitors back to Old World charm and a time gone by. The city’s vibrant cultural scenes woo visitors with its various museums, galleries, and beautiful architecture. Alternatively, for those seeking fresh air and serene views, a trip to the surrounding Caucasus Mountains is a must.

Tbilisi has an undeniable charm, and it is easy to understand why it has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia. Its picturesque beauty, unique cultural amalgamation, and friendly locals are just some of the reasons why visitors love to return here again and again.