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Airports in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Why Should You Visit East Kalimantan in Indonesia

East Kalimantan is a province located in Indonesia, situated on the island of Borneo. The region is characterized by unique natural wonders, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty. Tourists have a lot to discover in this destination, from wildlife conservation areas and national parks to historical landmarks and iconic festivals.

One of the most prominent attractions in East Kalimantan is the Kutai National Park. Spread over the provinces of Kutai, Berau, and East Kutai, the park boasts a vast range of flora and fauna, including the rare orangutan, clouded leopard, and freshwater dolphins. It’s a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

East Kalimantan also possesses a rich cultural heritage, and tourists can explore traditional villages and witness various festive events. Pasir Ridge Festival is one such event that visitors should not miss. It is a unique experience that involves traditional dancing, rituals, and music that exhibit the cultural roots of the area.

There is also a wide range of leisure activities to indulge in, like scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters that surround the region, kayaking down rivers or attending cultural events and village tours. Visitors can also explore the diverse cuisines of East Kalimantan, which include seafood cooked in local spices and herbs, exotic fruits and unique vegetarian dishes.

In conclusion, East Kalimantan is a fantastic destination for travelers looking for an enriching vacation experience that blends natural and cultural attractions. With its stunning scenery and diverse tourism options, East Kalimantan is a hidden gem of Indonesia that any tourist would cherish.