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Airports in Haryana, India

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Why Should You Visit Haryana in India

Haryana is a state in the northern region of India known for its majestic attractions, incredible culture, and unique history. It is located in the National Capital Region of India and is one of the most industrialized states in India. Haryana’s economy is driven by the agricultural and industrial sectors, but tourism has also become an important part of it in recent years.

With its share of natural beauty and cultural attractions, Haryana is an ideal destination for vacationers. From natural wonders like the Sultanpur National Park to historical sites such as Kurukshetra and Pinjore Gardens, there is something for everyone in this state. Tourists can savor the beauty of the Aravali hills, enjoy a boat ride in the ancient Yamuna river, and enjoy camping under a blanket of stars in the evenings.

The enchanting city of Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana, is an ideal base for exploring the state and its attractions. Here visitors can explore the Chandigarh Rock Garden, the Sukhna Lake, and the Pinjore Gardens. The nearby hill stations of Morni and Kasauli are also popular amongst tourists looking to take a break from the city.

Haryana boasts a rich culture with its own distinct cuisine. The vibrant street markets of the state are a great way to pick up local delicacies and souvenirs. As such, Haryana is the perfect destination for tourists looking to explore a unique area of India.