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Airports in Odisha, India

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Why Should You Visit Odisha in India

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a beautiful state located on India’s east coast. Filled with natural beauty, it is a great destination for travelers looking for a leisurely vacation. From pristine beaches to lush green forests to ancient temples, Odisha has something for everyone.

Odisha is a paradise for tourists. Its long stretch of coastline is home to countless beaches, ranging from secluded bays and quiet coves to vibrant stretches of golden sand. For those looking to explore nature, Odisha offers a range of options from hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. One of the biggest draws is the Chilika Lake – India’s largest inland body of brackish water filled with colorful birds and amazing views.

The cultural heritage of Odisha is also unique and is worth exploring. Odisha has several heritage sites including the Great Temple of Mukteswar, the Sun Temple at Konark and temples at Puri and Bhubaneswar. Orissa also has several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to a variety of animals and plants.

Odisha is a great destination for a leisurely holiday, full of beautiful scenery and rich culture. With so much to see and do, it is no surprise that Odisha is increasingly becoming one of India’s top tourist destinations.