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Airports in Tripura, India

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Why Should You Visit Tripura in India

Tripura in India is one of the most alluring and enticing destinations for tourists in the region. Nestled in the northeastern part of Indian subcontinent, Tripura is an enchanting union of vibrant culture, peaceful environment, and magnificent landscape. An amazing mix of stunning historical monuments, captivating tribal villages, natural lakes, lush hills and abandoned temples makes this state an ideal tourist destination for both Indian and foreign tourists.

Tripura has something for every kind of traveller, from culture vultures to nature lovers to adventure seekers. One can easily spend days exploring the grand historical monuments, like the Ujjayanta Palace, and the many temples scattered throughout the state. There are also beautiful hill stations, like Dharmanagar, and unspoiled natural lakes like Rudrasagar. The state is home to many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, giving plenty of opportunities for visitors to experience a wildlife safari.

The state also has an extensive Tribal culture, which is reflected in its colourful festivals, musical instruments, and dances. Tourists can experience the unique culture and hospitality of the locals by visiting the picturesque tribal villages. Tripura is also known for its exquisite handloom and craft products, which can be purchased in local markets and bazaars. With its vast and varied tourist attractions, Tripura is every traveller’s dream destination.