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Airports in Duhok Governorate, Iraq

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Why Should You Visit Duhok Governorate in Iraq

The Duhok Governorate of Iraq is an exciting destination and an integral part of the broader Kurdish region of western Iraq. It enjoys a unique geographic position which includes high mountain peaks that offer stunning views (especially from the Bradost tourist resort), rolling hills, fertile valleys, lush meadows and dense forests.

The Duhok Governorate is well known for its fantastic tourist spots, including the Gara Mountain National Park and the Quban-Bader Mountain Fortress. The Gara Mountain National Park offers visitors the chance to explore its undisturbed natural wonders, from limestone caves and beautiful meadows to soaring peaks and glacial valleys. Those looking for a more tranquil getaway can take in the stunning views and serenity atop the Idrisi pyramid or the Lamlas mountains.

The Duhok Governorate is also known for its religious sites, its vibrant bazaars, traditional cuisine, and rich history. Visit the Chaldean Monastery, the Kurdish Yazidi Temples, or the many mosques and churches throughout the province. Take part in the authentic local culture at the bustling markets, or enjoy unique dishes indigenous to the region in its plentiful local eateries. No matter your interests, the Duhok Governorate awaits visitors with its generous hospitality and breathtaking sights.