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Airports in Al-Muthanna Governorate, Iraq

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Why Should You Visit Al-Muthanna Governorate in Iraq

The Al-Muthanna Governorate in Iraq is an area of perfect beauty and traditional culture, making it a great tourist attraction. Located in the south of Iraq, Al-Muthanna is home to multiple archaeological sites, alluring canals, and beautiful riverside vistas. There’s plenty to keep you busy in Al-Muthanna, and tourist visits are on the rise, due to the increasing availability of services available in the area.

The governorate is well-known for its hot springs, with renowned resorts in Samawah, Ar-Rufaydah, and Amarakhah. Al-Muthanna is also known for its array of ancient architecture and archaeological ruins, particularly in the cities of Ur and Nasiriyah. The Ur ruins, dating back to 1,800 BC, provide a fascinating insight into Mesopotamian culture. There are also numerous historically-important sites, such as the Tomb of the Prophet Janab, the April 7th Road, and the Khamsei Faw Monument.

What truly makes Al-Muthanna special is its stunning natural beauty. The area is home to many rivers, canals, wadis, and wetlands, making it easy to explore for tourists. Those who enjoy wildlife will appreciate the presence of numerous native species, including foxes, mongooses, and the Arabian Onager. You can also explore the Badiyat Al-Sham Desert Sand Sea, or visit religious sites such as the Shabaz Mosque and Mar David Church. Finally, don’t forget to try out some traditional Iraqi dishes during your stay, such as kababs or curried fish.