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Airports in Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq

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Why Should You Visit Kirkuk Governorate in Iraq

Kirkuk Governorate is one of the most historically significant places in Iraq. It has been a strategically important region since ancient times, and its archaeological and historical sites are popular destinations for both international and national tourists. Located in the north of Iraq at the edge of the Kurdish autonomous region, Kirkuk is a place where civilizations have met and intertwined throughout its history.

Kirkuk and its surrounding areas are full of impressive sites to explore and experience, each offering a unique insight into the history and culture of the region. From the ancient ruins of Bdrkava, to the magnificent walls and citadel of the Old City of Kirkuk, there is something for everyone. The governorate also holds some of the oldest Christian sites in Iraq, including Qara Qosh.

In addition to the historical sites, Kirkuk Governorate also offers some the most stunning natural landscapes in Iraq. Tourists can admire the stunning nature of the region, from dramatic canyons, to lush meadows and, of course, the famous Kirkuk Oil Fields. The oil fields and their infrastructure have been an important part of the governorate’s history and an important site for international tourists. With so many attractions and activities to enjoy, Kirkuk Governorate is the perfect destination for tourists wanting to experience the unique culture, history, and natural beauty of Iraq.