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Airports in Fars Province, Iran

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Why Should You Visit Fars Province in Iran

The Fars Province of Iran is a stunning region filled with awe-inspiring historical sites, captivating nature reserves, and a plethora of unique cultural attractions. As Iran’s third-largest province, Fars offers travelers some of the country’s most compelling experiences. From the ancient city of Persepolis with its remaining ruins dating back to 515 BC, to the intricately tiled mosques, to the incredible view of the Persian Gulf from the mountain town of Shiraz, the Fars province is filled with unforgettable destinations worthy of a visit.

Fars is home to the wonderful city of Shiraz – a booming metropolis filled with gardens, mosques, and bazaars full of exotic flavours and local handicrafts. Once you step out of the main city, you’re greeted with a multitude of churches, fortresses, and historic homes like the Golestan Palace in Shiraz or the Arg-e Karim Khan fortress in the city of Esfahan. The area is also packed with natural wonders such as the evergreen Hamedan forests that stretch from the Shiraz Plateau to the Persian Gulf. The Fars province offers its visitors a variety of recommended trips and tours created to give you the best experience of the area.

Overall, the Fars Province promises a range of experiences. With its captivating cultural offerings and jaw-dropping natural beauty, your visit to the Fars Province in Iran will provide you stories to tell for a lifetime.