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Airports in Qom Province, Iran

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Why Should You Visit Qom Province in Iran

Qom Province, located in Iran, is a beautiful and vibrant region that has become increasingly popular for tourism over the last decade. It is known for its religious sites, its beautiful landscapes, and its placid lakes. With stunning natural beauty, a vibrant culture, and a great selection of tourist attractions, Qom Province, Iran has something for everyone.

The area boasts a number of important religious sites, including some of the holiest places in the Islamic world. Famous sites include Jamkaran, a mosque and well which is of particular importance to Shi’ite Muslims, and the Holy Shrine of Fatima Masumeh. Here tourists are welcomed to experience the spiritual atmosphere and explore the many shrines and tombs.

Qom Province is also known for its remarkably beautiful landscapes and its trademark placid lakes, like Arak Lake, which make for a tranquil and restorative break from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while exploring nature, walking through the green valleys and smells of the blooming saffron, and taking trips to the nearby nature reserves.

The province also offers a great selection of cultural attractions, from traditional restaurants and shopping opportunities to festivals, art galleries and live performances. There is certainly no shortage of interesting things to do in Qom Province. Tourists can also partake in activities such as horseback riding, trekking, rock climbing, skiing and parasailing to get a taste of the more adventurous side of the region.

Qom Province is a fantastic place to visit, offering something for everyone. Its rich cultural and spiritual heritage, unite with its breathtaking natural beauty, making it a popular destination for domestic and international visitors alike.