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Airports in Ehime Prefecture, Japan

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Why Should You Visit Ehime Prefecture in Japan

The Ehime Prefecture is a stunning area located in southwestern Japan, home to an array of diverse and exciting destinations. With awe-inspiring mountainous ranges, stunning beaches, and captivating cities, the Ehime Prefecture has something to offer tourists of all types.

An area rich in both history and culture, Ehime Prefecture is home to a number of notable historical sites. From the Matsuyama Castle, a national treasure of Japan, to Dogo Onsen, a hot spring which is famous for being the oldest in Japan, there is no lack of fascinating experiences to be found in the area. Dogo Onsen is especially popular due to its iconic three-storey pagoda and surrounding atmosphere of traditional Japan.

The Ehime Prefecture has something for everyone, from breathtaking nature to exciting nightlife. Outside of the cities, visitors can explore some of the most beautiful national parks in Japan, such as Cape Shikanomiya and the Dochiburi Valley. Meanwhile, in Matsuyama city, there are plenty of attractions including historic temples and shopping areas. And for nightlife, there are a variety of cozy and lively bars and restaurants, perfect for that quintessential Ehime experience.

With its unique history, incredible scenery, and modern amenities, the Ehime Prefecture is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore Japan. From captivating landscapes, to fascinating cultural sites, the Ehime Prefecture is an unforgettable destination.