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Gubam Airstrip

Located in the Western Highlands province of Papua New Guinea, the Gubam Airstrip is a small yet vital aviation facility serving the local community and surrounding areas. Equipped with a single unpaved runway, it enables essential transportation and facilitates access to remote villages, medical services, and natural resources in this rugged and challenging region.

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Quick Informations and Statistics

How to Get to Gubam Airstrip

To reach Gubam Airstrip in Papua New Guinea, you have a few options depending on your starting location. Firstly, from Port Moresby, the capital city, you can catch a domestic flight to Mount Hagen, which serves as the main transit hub for Gubam Airstrip. Several local airlines provide regular flights between Port Moresby and Mount Hagen. Once you reach Mount Hagen, you can then take a connecting flight to Gubam Airstrip. It is recommended to book your domestic flights in advance, as availability can vary.

Another option to reach Gubam Airstrip is by road. From Mount Hagen, you can hire a four-wheel drive vehicle or take a hired taxi to travel to the airstrip. The road journey from Mount Hagen to Gubam Airstrip takes approximately 4-5 hours, and it is advisable to hire a knowledgeable driver who is familiar with the route and local conditions.

Additionally, if you are already in another part of Papua New Guinea, you can reach Gubam Airstrip by taking a domestic flight to Mount Hagen and then proceeding by road, as mentioned before. Ensure to check the flight schedules and availability beforehand, as they may vary depending on the time of year and airline.

When making travel arrangements to Gubam Airstrip, it is recommended to stay updated on local weather conditions and any travel advisories. It’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan in case of unexpected changes to flights or road conditions.

Transportation Options

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers a range of transportation options to accommodate the needs of travelers. Whether you are visiting the region for business or pleasure, there are several ways to reach and explore this remote destination.

1. Domestic Flights: The most convenient and time-efficient way to reach Gubam Airstrip is by booking a domestic flight. Several airlines operate regular flights to Gubam from major cities in Papua New Guinea, including Port Moresby and Lae. These flights provide a comfortable and reliable means of transport, with well-maintained aircraft and trained pilots.

2. Charter Flights: For those seeking flexibility and privacy, chartering a flight is an excellent option. You can arrange a charter flight directly with local airlines or travel operators, allowing you to customize your travel schedule and enjoy a more personalized experience. Charter flights offer the freedom to explore Papua New Guinea’s diverse landscape on your own terms.

3. Helicopter Services: If you prefer a more adventurous mode of transportation, helicopter services are available for scenic transfers to Gubam Airstrip. Helicopter charters enable you to enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Papua New Guinea’s stunning natural beauty, while also providing a faster and more flexible travel option.

4. Public Transport: Once you have arrived at Gubam Airstrip, public transport options are limited due to the area’s remote location. However, you can hire a local taxi or car rental service for convenient transportation within the vicinity. It is advisable to arrange these services in advance to ensure availability.

5. Walking and Hiking: While not a transportation option per se, it is worth mentioning that Gubam Airstrip is situated in a picturesque setting. For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the surrounding region offers numerous walking and hiking trails, allowing you to explore the local flora, fauna, and cultural sites at your own pace.

It is important to note that infrastructure in this part of Papua New Guinea may be considered basic compared to urban areas. Therefore, choosing the most suitable transportation option depends on your comfort level, travel preferences, and intended purpose of visit. Regardless of the mode of transport you choose, Gubam Airstrip promises an immersive experience in one of the world’s most captivating destinations.

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Car Parking

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers convenient car parking facilities for travelers to ensure a hassle-free experience. Situated just a short distance from the main terminal, the car park provides easy access to the airstrip. With its spacious layout and ample parking space, visitors can rest assured that their vehicles are secure during their time away. Suitable for both short-term and long-term parking needs, Gubam Airstrip’s parking area caters to a wide range of travelers. Whether you are jetting off for a quick business trip or embarking on a longer vacation, you can count on this facility to accommodate your vehicle safely. The location of the car park in close proximity to the terminal ensures a smooth transition from the parking area to the airstrip, saving both time and effort. Travelers can simply park their cars, lock them securely, and head off to catch their flights, knowing that their vehicles are being looked after. The convenience and security offered by Gubam Airstrip’s car parking facilities make it an ideal choice for those traveling through this busy Papua New Guinean airport.

Car Rental at Gubam Airstrip

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Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, is a vital transportation hub serving the local communities in the region. Nestled in the Eastern Highlands province, this modest airstrip plays a crucial role in connecting remote villages to larger cities and towns in the country, thereby providing essential access to services and opportunities.

The terminals at Gubam Airstrip are small yet efficiently designed to cater to the needs of passengers. Equipped with basic amenities, the terminals ensure a comfortable waiting area for travelers, enabling them to relax before embarking on their journeys. The staff at the terminals are friendly and attentive, assisting passengers with any queries or concerns they may have, and maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Passengers will find that the terminals at Gubam Airstrip are well-maintained, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Despite its modest size, the terminals are equipped with the necessary facilities for check-in, baggage handling, and ticketing. Additionally, the airstrip provides access to various transportation options, connecting passengers to other destinations within Papua New Guinea. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the Gubam Airstrip terminals offer a convenient and accessible gateway to the Eastern Highlands province and its surrounding areas.

Operating Airlines

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Security Protocols

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, prioritizes security protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and staff. Strict measures are implemented to maintain a secure environment throughout the facility. Access to the airstrip is limited to authorized personnel only, and regular monitoring and supervision are conducted to prevent any unauthorized entry.

Before boarding any aircraft, passengers and their luggage go through a comprehensive screening process. This includes the inspection of personal belongings and carry-on items to detect prohibited or dangerous materials. Passengers are also required to undergo security checks, such as metal detector screenings, to ensure they do not carry any weapons or harmful substances.

Gubam Airstrip has trained security staff who closely monitor the premises for any suspicious activities. They are responsible for maintaining the overall safety and orderliness of the facility. Additionally, the airstrip works in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies to foster a coordinated approach towards security.

These security protocols are constantly reviewed and updated to keep pace with evolving threats. Gubam Airstrip recognizes the significance of security in providing a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and protection.

Traveler’s Assistance

Gubam Airstrip is a small yet essential transportation hub located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Situated in the heart of the beautiful Okapa District, this airstrip serves as a vital link for travelers looking to explore this remote region. While Gubam Airstrip may not boast the modern amenities of larger airports, it provides necessary assistance and facilities for travelers venturing into this breathtaking part of the country.

Travelers arriving at Gubam Airstrip can expect a relatively basic but functional setup. The airstrip features a simple terminal building where passengers can find assistance and information about their onward journey. Friendly staff members are available to guide travelers and provide any necessary support, ensuring a smooth transition from the airstrip to their desired destination.

Due to its remote location, Gubam Airstrip primarily serves as a gateway for visitors looking to experience the natural wonders of the Eastern Highlands. Travelers can arrange ground transportation from the airstrip to nearby towns and villages, where they can explore the region’s stunning landscapes, including majestic mountains, dense rainforests, and vibrant local communities. Local guides and tour operators are readily available to assist travelers in organizing hiking expeditions, cultural tours, and wildlife encounters, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience in this unique part of Papua New Guinea.

In conclusion, Gubam Airstrip provides essential traveler’s assistance for those looking to explore the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Although it may not offer extravagant facilities, the airstrip serves as a reliable transportation hub, connecting visitors to the beauty and adventure that awaits in this remote region. With friendly staff and access to nearby towns and attractions, Gubam Airstrip ensures a seamless transition for travelers embarking on their Papua New Guinea adventure.

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Shops and Restaurants

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers a range of shops and restaurants to cater to the needs of both local residents and travelers. Here is a list of the establishments available at Gubam Airstrip:

1. Gubam Souvenirs: The Gubam Souvenirs shop is the perfect place to find unique mementos and local handicrafts to take home as a reminder of your visit to Papua New Guinea. From traditional artwork and handcrafted jewelry to intricately woven baskets, this shop offers a wide variety of souvenirs that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.

2. Travel Essentials: Forgot to pack a few essential items? Don’t worry! Gubam Airstrip has a convenient shop where you can find travel essentials such as toiletries, snacks, and other basic items. Whether you need toothpaste, sunscreen, or a quick snack for your journey, this shop has you covered.

3. Café Gubam: Need a quick pick-me-up or a delicious meal before or after your flight? Café Gubam is the go-to spot for a range of refreshments and light meals. From freshly brewed coffee and tea to sandwiches and pastries, this cozy café provides a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and satisfy your hunger.

4. Gubam Restaurant: For a more substantial meal, Gubam Restaurant offers a diverse menu of local and international cuisines. Indulge in traditional Papua New Guinean dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients or opt for international favorites. The restaurant’s friendly staff ensures a delightful dining experience that caters to various dietary preferences.

5. Duty-Free Shop: Passengers looking to shop for tax-free goods can visit the duty-free shop at Gubam Airstrip. This shop offers a range of products, including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, perfume, and cosmetics, at competitive prices. Take advantage of the duty-free shopping opportunity to grab a few last-minute gifts or items for yourself.

Please note that while Gubam Airstrip strives to provide a diverse range of shops and restaurants, the availability of specific establishments may vary. It is always recommended to check with the airport authorities or your airline for the most up-to-date information on the services and amenities available at Gubam Airstrip.

Prayer Rooms and Worship Areas

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, provides convenient access to various prayer rooms and worship areas for travelers and locals alike. These facilities cater to the diverse religious needs of the community, ensuring that individuals have adequate spaces to observe their respective faiths. Here are some notable prayer rooms and worship areas near Gubam Airstrip:

1. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church: Situated just a short distance from Gubam Airstrip, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church offers a peaceful environment for Catholics to engage in prayer and worship. The church features a spacious prayer hall adorned with religious icons and symbols, providing a serene atmosphere for reflection and devotion.

Location: Gubam Village, approximately 2 miles from Gubam Airstrip.

2. Gubam United Church: This vibrant Christian congregation welcomes individuals from various denominations. Gubam United Church offers a dedicated prayer room equipped with comfortable seating and religious literature. The worship area is open to all, providing a warm and inclusive space for communal gatherings and spiritual activities.

Location: Gubam Village, adjacent to Gubam Airstrip.

3. Gubam Mosque: For the Muslim community, the Gubam Mosque serves as a place of prayer and spiritual connection. This mosque provides separate prayer rooms for men and women, ensuring proper observance of Islamic traditions. Individuals can find solace in the peaceful ambiance of the mosque while fulfilling their religious obligations.

Location: Gubam Village, within close proximity to Gubam Airstrip.

4. Gubam Seventh-day Adventist Church: Catering to the Seventh-day Adventist community, this church offers a welcoming environment for worship and reflection. The prayer room within the church premises provides a dedicated space for members to engage in personal prayer and group sessions. The church’s serene surroundings add to the overall spiritual experience.

Location: Gubam Village, a short distance from Gubam Airstrip.

5. Gubam Gospel Hall: This non-denominational worship area invites individuals from various Christian backgrounds. The Gubam Gospel Hall offers a spacious prayer room where believers can gather for communal worship, Bible study, and fellowship. The hall fosters an environment of spiritual growth and unity.

Location: Gubam Village, conveniently located near Gubam Airstrip.

These prayer rooms and worship areas near Gubam Airstrip provide individuals with dedicated spaces to connect with their faith and engage in meaningful spiritual practices. Whether you are Catholic, Muslim, Christian, or from any other religious background, these facilities offer a haven for prayer, worship, and reflection in the vibrant community of Gubam, Papua New Guinea.

WiFi and Workspace Facilities

Gubam Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers convenient amenities for travelers seeking WiFi and workspace facilities. Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply need to stay connected during your journey, Gubam Airstrip has got you covered.

First and foremost, the airstrip provides reliable WiFi connectivity throughout its premises. This means that you can easily access the internet from various areas, including the waiting lounge, departure gates, and even the tarmac. Whether you need to catch up on work, stay in touch with loved ones, or simply browse the web, the WiFi at Gubam Airstrip ensures a seamless online experience.

Moreover, Gubam Airstrip understands the importance of having a dedicated workspace, especially for those who require a quiet and productive environment. The facility offers well-designed workstations equipped with comfortable seating and ample desk space. Whether you need to finalize a report, respond to emails, or engage in video conferences, you can count on Gubam Airstrip’s workspace facilities to meet your needs.

In addition to the workspace facilities, the airstrip also provides access to power outlets, ensuring that your electronic devices remain charged throughout your stay. This eliminates any concerns about running out of battery power while working or attending to personal matters online.

Furthermore, Gubam Airstrip’s staff is committed to ensuring a pleasant and productive experience for all travelers. They are readily available to assist with any technical issues you may encounter or provide guidance on utilizing the WiFi and workspace facilities effectively.

In conclusion, Gubam Airstrip in Papua New Guinea offers convenient WiFi and workspace facilities, making it an ideal choice for travelers who require connectivity and a dedicated work environment. With reliable WiFi, well-equipped workstations, and helpful staff, Gubam Airstrip ensures a seamless and productive experience for all passengers.

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Accomodation Options Nearby Gubam Airstrip

1. Local Homestays: For the budget-conscious traveler, staying in a local homestay near Gubam Airstrip is a great choice. These simple accommodations are usually offered by friendly locals who provide a spare room or a small guesthouse in their own homes. This option offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, experience traditional meals, and gain insights from your hosts.

2. Guesthouses: Gubam Airstrip is also home to several guesthouses, which offer comfortable and affordable accommodation options. These guesthouses typically provide private or shared rooms, basic amenities, and a friendly atmosphere. Featuring communal areas, they create opportunities to meet fellow travelers and exchange stories.

3. Mid-Range Hotels: If you are seeking a slightly more upscale experience, Gubam Airstrip offers mid-range hotels that come with additional services and amenities. These hotels usually include comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, an on-site restaurant, and sometimes even a swimming pool. With reasonable prices, they strike a balance between comfort and affordability.

4. Eco-Lodges: For nature enthusiasts, eco-lodges near Gubam Airstrip offer a tranquil and sustainable option. These lodges are built with minimal environmental impact, blending harmoniously into the surrounding natural beauty. Some eco-lodges provide private bungalows with enchanting forest or river views, while others offer shared accommodation options. The stays are often complemented by eco-friendly activities, such as guided forest tours or bird watching.

5. Luxury Resorts: For those seeking utmost comfort and luxury, Gubam Airstrip offers a few high-end resorts. These resorts feature refined amenities, spacious and elegantly designed rooms, private balconies, and exceptional services. The resorts often provide a range of recreational activities, such as spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, gourmet dining options, and access to nearby natural wonders or cultural attractions.

Please note that accommodation options in Gubam Airstrip may be limited, given its remote location. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability and secure your preferred accommodation.

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Attractions Nearby

1. Mount Wilhelm: Located approximately 35 kilometers north of Gubam Airstrip, Mount Wilhelm is the highest peak in Papua New Guinea and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Adventurous hikers can challenge themselves with the trek to its summit, which is often covered in snow.

2. Madang: Situated around 200 kilometers northwest of Gubam Airstrip, the coastal town of Madang is known for its stunning diving and snorkeling opportunities. Explore the vibrant coral reefs, wrecks, and abundant marine life while experiencing the local culture of this picturesque town.

3. Sepik River: Flowing through the heart of Papua New Guinea, the Sepik River is an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts. Take a river cruise to witness the incredible biodiversity, spot crocodiles, and immerse yourself in the traditional customs of the indigenous communities inhabiting its banks.

4. Manam Volcano: Located off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Manam Volcano offers a unique opportunity to witness an active volcano up close. Although caution is advised, guided tours and boat trips are available for visitors who wish to see the awe-inspiring volcanic activity.

5. Tavurvur: Another volcanic attraction in the area, Tavurvur is part of the larger Rabaul Caldera complex. Located on the island of New Britain, this volcano erupted in 1994, transforming the surrounding landscape and leaving behind remnants of its explosive past.

6. Kokopo: Situated near Rabaul, Kokopo offers captivating cultural experiences with its vibrant markets and traditional dance performances. Learn about the rich history of the region while enjoying stunning views of the nearby volcanoes and the turquoise waters of the Bismarck Sea.

7. Kavieng: Located on the island of New Ireland, Kavieng is renowned for its excellent diving opportunities. Explore the pristine coral reefs, underwater caves, and World War II wrecks that dot the area’s clear blue waters. The town itself also offers a taste of local culture and history.

8. Bougainville: This autonomous region of Papua New Guinea presents a wealth of attractions, including pristine beaches, captivating wildlife, and remnants of World War II. Experience the unique culture of the diverse indigenous communities and explore the untouched natural beauty that Bougainville has to offer.

9. Kimbe Bay: Situated on the island of New Britain, Kimbe Bay is a haven for divers and snorkelers alike. The bay boasts an incredible array of marine biodiversity, including colorful coral gardens, schools of tropical fish, and even the opportunity to encounter whale sharks and dolphins.

10. Wewak: Located in the East Sepik Province, Wewak is a charming town known for its historical significance and beautiful beaches. Explore the remnants of World War II, visit the local markets, and relax on the pristine sands while enjoying stunning ocean views.

History of Gubam Airstrip

Gubam Airstrip is a significant landmark located in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands province. The airstrip holds great historical value and has played a crucial role in the region’s development over the years. Constructed during World War II by Australian forces, the airstrip was initially built to facilitate military operations in the area. Its strategic location made it an important base for the Allies, allowing them to conduct aerial surveillance and provide logistical support during the Pacific campaign.

After the war, Gubam Airstrip was handed over to the Papua New Guinea government and became a vital transportation link for remote communities in the Eastern Highlands. Its construction paved the way for improved communication and accessibility, facilitating trade and economic growth in previously isolated regions. Today, the airstrip serves as a lifeline for the local population, offering connectivity to healthcare services, education, and essential supplies.

Gubam Airstrip symbolizes the resilience and spirit of the people of Papua New Guinea. Its history reflects the progress made in building infrastructure and ensuring the welfare of rural communities. Despite its humble beginnings as a military installation, the airstrip has evolved into an indispensable resource, promoting development and enabling opportunities for the Eastern Highlands’ inhabitants. Gubam Airstrip continues to stand as a testament to the country’s growth and determination to improve the lives of its citizens.

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