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Mengina Airstrip

The Mengina Airstrip is a small airstrip located in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea. It serves as a vital transportation link for the local communities, facilitating access to medical services, education, and emergency assistance in an otherwise isolated region.

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Quick Informations and Statistics

How to Get to Mengina Airstrip

To reach Mengina Airstrip in Papua New Guinea, you have various options depending on your starting point. Firstly, if you are flying from overseas, you’ll need to book a flight to Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. Once you arrive at Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby, you can take a domestic flight to Goroka Airport, which is the closest major airport to Mengina Airstrip.

From Goroka Airport, you can take a short 45-minute drive to Mengina Airstrip. The most convenient way is to hire a taxi or rent a car from one of the car rental agencies available at the airport. Alternatively, you can arrange for a transfer with your accommodation or hire a private driver in Goroka. It’s recommended to confirm the availability of these services in advance to ensure a smooth journey.

If you are already within Papua New Guinea, you can also travel to Mengina Airstrip via road from nearby towns or cities. From Goroka, the drive typically takes around 3 to 4 hours, depending on road conditions. You can either use a private vehicle, hire a taxi, or take a bus from Goroka to reach Mengina Airstrip. Considering the rural nature of the area, roads may not be well-maintained, so it’s advisable to choose a reliable mode of transportation and plan your journey accordingly.

Remember to always check the latest travel advisories, times, and availability of transport options before embarking on your journey to Mengina Airstrip.

Transportation Options

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers various transportation options to cater to the diverse needs of travelers.

1. By Air: The most convenient way to reach Mengina Airstrip is by air. Several domestic airlines operate regular flights to and from the airstrip, connecting it to major cities and towns within Papua New Guinea. This option ensures a quick and efficient journey, saving travelers from the hassle of long hours on the road.

2. Private Transportation: For those who prefer a more personalized experience, private transportation is available at Mengina Airstrip. Visitors can hire taxis or rent a car from trusted local agencies. This option provides flexibility in terms of scheduling and allows individuals or groups to explore the region at their own pace.

3. Public Transportation: Public transportation options are also accessible for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Local buses and shared vans, known as PMVs (Public Motor Vehicles), operate in the vicinity of Mengina Airstrip. Although this mode of transport may be slower compared to private options, it offers an authentic and affordable way to travel while interacting with the local community.

4. Airport Transfer Services: Many hotels and resorts in the area offer airport transfer services, either complimentary or at an additional cost. Visitors can pre-arrange these services to ensure a seamless transition from Mengina Airstrip to their place of accommodation. This option is particularly convenient for individuals or families seeking a hassle-free and comfortable journey.

5. Bike or On-foot Exploration: The surrounding area of Mengina Airstrip is relatively compact and can be easily explored by cycling or walking. Travelers who enjoy outdoor activities can rent bicycles or opt for guided hiking tours to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes and local culture. This eco-friendly transportation option is recommended for those seeking a closer connection with the natural beauty of Papua New Guinea.

It is important for travelers to plan their transportation in advance and consider their specific needs and preferences when visiting Mengina Airstrip. Whether by air, private transportation, public transportation, airport transfers, or eco-friendly options, visitors are sure to find a suitable mode of transportation to enhance their journey in Papua New Guinea.

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Car Parking

Mengina Airstrip in Papua New Guinea offers convenient car parking facilities for travelers. Located in the Enga Province, specifically in the Mengina Village, this airstrip provides ample parking space for visitors arriving by car.

Situated amidst stunning natural surroundings, Mengina Airstrip’s parking area is strategically placed near the main terminal building for easy access. Travelers can conveniently park their vehicles and proceed towards the terminal to catch their flights.

The car parking facility at Mengina Airstrip is well-maintained and secure, ensuring the safety of parked vehicles. With designated parking areas and clear signage, finding a suitable spot for your car is hassle-free.

Whether you are visiting this remote region for business or pleasure, Mengina Airstrip’s car parking facilities offer a convenient and efficient solution for travelers. So, leave your worries behind and enjoy your journey knowing that your vehicle is securely taken care of while you explore the beauty of Papua New Guinea.

Car Rental at Mengina Airstrip

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Mengina Airstrip is a domestic airport located in Papua New Guinea, serving the local community. It is an essential transportation hub for the region, providing connections to various destinations within the country. Despite its relatively small size, the terminal at Mengina Airstrip is well-maintained and efficiently designed to cater to the needs of both travelers and airlines.

The terminal features a clean and comfortable waiting area for passengers, equipped with ample seating and easy access to facilities such as restrooms and refreshment options. The staff at Mengina Airstrip is known for their friendly and helpful demeanor, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for all visitors. Passengers can expect a streamlined check-in process and efficient security procedures, fostering a hassle-free journey through the terminal.

While the airport may not offer extensive amenities like duty-free shopping or luxury lounges, it compensates with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Papua New Guinea, Mengina Airstrip provides travelers with breathtaking views of lush greenery and mountains as they arrive or depart from the terminal. Whether it’s the stunning approach by air or the warm welcome from the locals on the ground, Mengina Airstrip offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those traveling in Papua New Guinea.

Operating Airlines

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Security Protocols

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, follows rigorous security protocols to ensure the safety and protection of its passengers. These measures are implemented to meet international aviation standards and prioritize the well-being of everyone involved in air travel.

First and foremost, access to the airstrip is strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel. Those who do not have proper clearance are not granted entry, maintaining a secure environment for flight operations. In addition, security personnel are deployed at various checkpoints to monitor and verify the identity of individuals accessing the airstrip, ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed in restricted areas.

Baggage screening is another vital aspect of Mengina Airstrip’s security protocols. All luggage undergoes thorough inspection and screening using state-of-the-art technology to detect any potential threats or prohibited items. The utilization of cutting-edge screening equipment allows for swift and accurate assessments, minimizing delays and maintaining the efficiency of the airport operations.

Furthermore, the airstrip also implements strict security measures when it comes to passenger screening. Travelers are required to undergo a comprehensive screening process, including the examination of personal belongings and a walk-through metal detector. This procedure helps identify any potential security threats, ensuring a safe and secure aircraft environment for all passengers. Additionally, Mengina Airstrip adheres to the international standards of aviation security, collaborating with local law enforcement agencies and customs officials to further enhance the security measures in place.

Overall, Mengina Airstrip in Papua New Guinea upholds stringent security protocols to guarantee a secure and protected environment for all individuals utilizing the facility. From controlled access to advanced baggage and passenger screening procedures, these measures prioritize the safety and well-being of passengers, staff, and all stakeholders involved in aviation operations.

Traveler’s Assistance

Mengina Airstrip is a small yet significant airstrip located in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. It serves as an important transportation hub for both local communities and travelers visiting the region. The airstrip is primarily used by small aircrafts and helicopters, offering convenient access to remote areas that are otherwise difficult to reach by road.

For travelers seeking assistance, Mengina Airstrip provides various services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. The airstrip has a dedicated team of staff who are trained to assist travelers with their needs. They can provide information on flight schedules, ticket reservations, and any necessary travel arrangements. Travelers can also find assistance with baggage handling and ground transportation, making their journey more convenient and comfortable.

Additionally, Mengina Airstrip offers basic facilities to cater to the needs of travelers. There is a waiting area with seating arrangements where passengers can relax before their flights. The airstrip also has a small kiosk or shop where visitors can purchase snacks, drinks, and other essential items. While the amenities may be limited, the friendly staff and efficient services ensure that travelers receive the necessary assistance during their time at Mengina Airstrip.

Overall, Mengina Airstrip in Papua New Guinea provides essential support to travelers exploring the Western Highlands Province. With a dedicated team of staff and basic facilities, the airstrip strives to make the travel experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. Whether it’s flight information, baggage handling, or ground transportation, Mengina Airstrip is committed to assisting travelers and ensuring a seamless journey in this beautiful part of Papua New Guinea.

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Shops and Restaurants

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers visitors a small but convenient array of shops and restaurants. While not overwhelmingly large, these establishments provide essential services and delicious meals for travelers passing through.

When it comes to shopping, visitors can find a variety of local goods, snacks, and basic necessities. Whether you need to stock up on toiletries or grab a quick snack for the journey, the shops at Mengina Airstrip are well-equipped to meet your needs. Local products such as handmade crafts and traditional souvenirs offer a delightful way to take a piece of Papua New Guinea home with you.

For those seeking a satisfying meal, the restaurants at Mengina Airstrip offer a range of culinary options. From traditional Papua New Guinean dishes to international cuisine, there is something to satisfy every palate. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and aromatic local spices, providing a delightful culinary experience. The friendly staff and cozy ambiance of these restaurants make dining at Mengina Airstrip a truly enjoyable affair.

In addition to the shops and restaurants, Mengina Airstrip also provides comfortable seating areas and clean restroom facilities for passengers to relax and freshen up during their layovers. The attentive staff is always ready to assist visitors with any queries or concerns, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

While Mengina Airstrip may not have an extensive range of shops and restaurants, what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. The convenience, friendly service, and delicious meals offered at this small yet efficient facility are sure to leave a positive and lasting impression on all who visit.

Prayer Rooms and Worship Areas

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers convenient prayer rooms and worship areas for visitors and enthusiasts seeking a spiritual space amidst their travels. These dedicated areas aim to cater to the diverse religious needs of individuals passing through the airstrip.

1. Multi-Faith Prayer Room:
Situated at the heart of Mengina Airstrip, the multi-faith prayer room provides a serene and inclusive environment for individuals from various religious backgrounds. Equipped with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and tranquil surroundings, this room fosters a peaceful atmosphere for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

2. Christian Worship Area:
For Christian travelers, Mengina Airstrip offers a dedicated Christian worship area. This space is designed to accommodate the needs of Christian worshippers, providing an ideal setting for communal prayer, Bible study, and worship services. The Christian worship area is easily accessible and furnished with appropriate religious symbols and materials.

3. Islamic Prayer Room:
Recognizing the importance of catering to the needs of Muslim visitors, Mengina Airstrip features a separate Islamic prayer room. This space is suitably equipped with prayer mats, Qur’ans, and ablution facilities to ensure a comfortable and convenient environment for Muslim worshippers. The Islamic prayer room offers privacy and a peaceful ambience for individuals to fulfill their prayer obligations.

4. Indigenous Traditional Worship Area:
Acknowledging and respecting the indigenous cultural practices of Papua New Guinea, Mengina Airstrip also provides a designated area for traditional worship. This space allows individuals to reconnect with their ancestral roots and engage in traditional rituals and ceremonies. The indigenous traditional worship area honors the rich cultural heritage of the region and provides a platform for the preservation and expression of indigenous faiths.

5. Meditation Garden:
In addition to the prayer rooms and worship areas, Mengina Airstrip boasts a tranquil meditation garden. This outdoor space offers a serene escape for individuals seeking solace, mindfulness, and spiritual rejuvenation. Surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with calming elements, the meditation garden invites visitors to find inner peace through meditation or quiet contemplation.

It is important to note that these prayer rooms and worship areas are open to all visitors and travelers, regardless of their religious affiliation. Mengina Airstrip strives to create an inclusive and harmonious environment that respects and accommodates the diverse spiritual needs of its guests.

WiFi and Workspace Facilities

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers a range of amenities for travelers, including WiFi and workspace facilities. Whether you’re a business traveler or simply in need of a productive space, Mengina Airstrip has you covered.

With the increasing reliance on technology, having access to WiFi has become essential for travelers. Fortunately, Mengina Airstrip understands this need and provides reliable and high-speed WiFi throughout its premises. Whether you need to check your emails, browse the internet, or connect with colleagues, you can do so seamlessly at this airstrip.

Additionally, Mengina Airstrip offers convenient workspace facilities for those who require a dedicated area to work or conduct business activities. These well-equipped spaces provide a comfortable and professional environment, allowing you to focus and be productive during your stay at the airstrip. Whether you need to prepare for a meeting, catch up on work tasks, or simply have a quiet space to concentrate, the workspace facilities at Mengina Airstrip cater to your needs.

Furthermore, the airstrip ensures that the WiFi and workspace facilities are regularly maintained and updated to provide a seamless experience for travelers. The staff is committed to ensuring that these amenities meet the highest standards, allowing you to stay connected and be productive without any interruptions.

In conclusion, Mengina Airstrip in Papua New Guinea offers both WiFi and workspace facilities for travelers. The reliable WiFi ensures that you can stay connected, while the well-equipped workspaces provide a productive environment. Whether you’re a business traveler or simply in need of a space to work, Mengina Airstrip has the amenities to meet your needs.

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Accomodation Options Nearby Mengina Airstrip

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, offers a variety of accommodation options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of visitors. Whether you are on a budget or seeking luxury, you will find suitable options within proximity to the airstrip. Let us explore the range of accommodations available:

1. Budget-friendly Guesthouses: For travelers seeking affordable accommodation, there are several guesthouses situated near Mengina Airstrip. These no-frills establishments provide basic amenities including comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and a welcoming atmosphere. While simple in nature, these guesthouses offer pocket-friendly rates, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers.

2. Local Homestays: Experience the warmth of local hospitality by opting for a homestay in the surrounding villages. Living with a Papua New Guinean family allows you to immerse yourself in their culture and lifestyle. Homestays often include meals prepared with fresh local ingredients, providing a truly authentic experience.

3. Mid-range Lodges and Resorts: There are mid-range lodges and resorts available within a reasonable distance from Mengina Airstrip. These establishments offer comfortable and well-appointed rooms, often equipped with modern amenities including private bathrooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can expect on-site dining options, recreational facilities, and helpful staff to assist with your needs.

4. Ecotourism Resorts: For eco-conscious travelers and nature enthusiasts, there are resorts that embrace sustainable practices and offer a unique experience. These eco-lodges blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural beauty, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views, hike through lush rainforests, or participate in conservation efforts. Eco-resorts often prioritize minimizing their impact on the environment while providing guests with comfortable accommodations.

5. Luxury Resorts: If you seek ultimate comfort and indulgence, there are luxury resorts near Mengina Airstrip that cater to all your desires. These establishments offer spacious suites or villas with top-notch amenities such as private pools, luxurious furnishings, gourmet dining options, and personalized concierge services. Immerse yourself in relaxation by enjoying spa treatments or engaging in thrilling activities arranged by the resort.

Remember to book your desired accommodation in advance to secure your stay, as availability can fluctuate depending on the season and demand. Whether you opt for a budget guesthouse, a local homestay, a mid-range lodge, an eco-tourism resort, or a luxurious getaway, Mengina Airstrip and its surrounding area provide a range of choices to suit all travelers.

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Attractions Nearby

1. Rouna Waterfall: Located just a short drive from Mengina Airstrip, Rouna Waterfall is a stunning natural spot where visitors can enjoy the sight and sound of cascading waters set amidst lush green surroundings. It offers a great opportunity for hiking, swimming, or simply picnicking in a serene atmosphere.

2. Kairuku-Hiri: Explore the charming district of Kairuku-Hiri, known for its scenic countryside, beautiful villages, and rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the local customs, witness traditional dances, and visit local markets to experience the vibrant daily life of the region.

3. Kokoda Track: History enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike should not miss the chance to embark on the famous Kokoda Track. This challenging but rewarding trek takes you through the rugged terrain of the Owen Stanley Range, retracing the footsteps of soldiers who fought in World War II.

4. Varirata National Park: Just a short drive from the airstrip, Varirata National Park offers breathtaking panoramic views of Port Moresby and the surrounding area. Visitors can enjoy various walking trails, spot colorful bird species, and learn about the region’s unique flora and fauna.

5. Loloata Island: Escape to the tranquil Loloata Island, located just off the coast from Mengina Airstrip. This private resort island provides an idyllic setting for snorkeling, diving, or simply relaxing on pristine white sandy beaches while enjoying stunning views of the Coral Sea.

6. Port Moresby Nature Park: Located nearby, Port Moresby Nature Park is a popular attraction where visitors can experience Papua New Guinea’s diverse wildlife up close. With a wide variety of indigenous animals, including unique bird species and marsupials, this park offers an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family.

7. Pacific Adventist University: For those interested in education and culture, a visit to Pacific Adventist University is a must. This prestigious institution offers a picturesque campus setting, showcasing traditional Papua New Guinean architectural styles and providing opportunities to engage with students and faculty.

8. Bomana War Cemetery: Pay tribute to fallen soldiers at the Bomana War Cemetery, the resting place of many Australian and Allied soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. This beautifully maintained cemetery serves as a peaceful and reflective site for visitors to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

9. Port Moresby Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can indulge their passion for the sport at the Port Moresby Golf Club. This lush, well-maintained course offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and serves as a great place for both experienced players and beginners to enjoy a round.

10. Parliament House: Experience the heart of Papua New Guinea’s political system with a visit to Parliament House in Port Moresby. Join a guided tour to learn about the country’s governance, see the ceremonial chambers, and gain insights into the democratic processes of this vibrant nation.

History of Mengina Airstrip

Mengina Airstrip, located in Papua New Guinea, holds a significant historical background. During World War II, the airstrip played a crucial role in the Pacific Theater, serving as a strategic military base for the Allied forces. Constructed in 1942 by the Australian Army, it became a vital link in the Allied air network, facilitating the transportation of troops, supplies, and equipment.

Mengina Airstrip witnessed intense combat operations during its peak period. Australian and American forces utilized the airstrip as a staging point for missions against Japanese-occupied regions in the Pacific. The location’s strategic value allowed for swift military actions, enabling effective air power projection across Papua New Guinea and neighboring islands.

The battles fought over Mengina Airstrip marked significant turning points in the overall Pacific campaign. The successful liberation and subsequent use of the airstrip by Allied forces contributed to the isolation of Japanese strongholds, limiting their capabilities to launch offensive operations and securing an advantage for the Allies. Today, the historical importance of Mengina Airstrip continues to be recognized, serving as a reminder of the significant sacrifices made in the name of freedom during World War II.

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