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Nana Airport

Nana Airport is a small domestic airport located in the Solomon Islands, serving the Nana Province. With a single runway and basic facilities, the airport primarily operates as a gateway to the region, offering flights to and from Honiara, the capital city.

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Quick Informations and Statistics

How to Get to Nana Airport

To get to Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands, there are certain transportation options available. The airport is located on Nana Island, which is a short distance away from Honiara, the capital city.

If you are arriving from an international destination, you will most likely land at Honiara International Airport. From there, you can take a domestic flight to Nana Airport. Domestic airlines such as Solomon Airlines and Flysolomons operate regular flights between Honiara and Nana Island. The flight duration is usually around 30 minutes, providing a convenient and quick mode of transportation.

Once you arrive at Nana Airport, the island itself is relatively small, making it easy to get around. Taxis are available at the airport for convenient transport to your desired destination. Additionally, if you have pre-arranged accommodations, many hotels and resorts provide airport transfers as a part of their services.

Finally, if you prefer more independent travel, you can also rent a car at Honiara and take a scenic drive to Auki. From Auki, you can take a boat or a ferry to Nana Island, providing you with a unique and adventurous journey.

In summary, there are multiple ways to reach Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands. The most common method is by taking a domestic flight from Honiara International Airport. Taxis and hotel transfers are available at Nana Airport for your convenience. Alternatively, you can rent a car and embark on a scenic drive followed by a boat or ferry ride from Auki.

Transportation Options

Nana Airport, located in the Solomon Islands, offers a range of transportation options to ensure convenient travel for passengers. Here are the various modes of transportation available:

1. Taxis: Taxis are readily available outside the airport terminal and offer a convenient and hassle-free way to reach your destination. The drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about the area, ensuring a smooth journey.

2. Car Rentals: Several car rental agencies operate at Nana Airport, allowing visitors to explore the Solomon Islands at their own pace. Renting a car provides flexibility and independence, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to navigate on their own.

3. Hotel Shuttles: Many hotels in the area provide complimentary shuttle services for their guests. This option offers a convenient and comfortable way to reach your accommodation directly from the airport without any additional hassle.

4. Public Buses: Public bus services are available directly outside the airport, offering a more cost-effective transportation option. While they may take longer due to frequent stops, they provide an opportunity to experience the local culture and interact with residents.

5. Chartered Flights: For those traveling to remote destinations within the Solomon Islands, chartered flights are available from Nana Airport. These flights can be arranged through local tour operators and provide a unique opportunity to explore the pristine islands and their hidden treasures.

6. Airport Transfers: Many tour operators and hotels offer pre-booked airport transfer services. This option ensures a seamless transition from the airport to your desired location, eliminating any stress associated with finding transportation upon arrival.

It is advisable to plan your transportation arrangement in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey while exploring the beautiful Solomon Islands from Nana Airport.

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Car Parking

Nana Airport, located in the enchanting Solomon Islands, offers convenient car parking options for travelers. At Nana Airport, visitors can choose from two parking areas, both strategically situated near the terminal building.

Firstly, there is the Short-Term Parking area, situated directly in front of the airport’s main entrance. This parking lot is perfect for those who require immediate and easy access to the terminal. Travelers can conveniently park their cars and quickly make their way to the check-in counters without any hassle. It is an ideal choice if you are dropping off or picking up passengers, as it offers a hassle-free experience.

For long-term parking needs, Nana Airport provides an expansive Long-Term Parking lot. This secure area is just a short walk away from the terminal, making it a convenient option for extended trips. Whether you are embarking on a business trip or planning a leisurely vacation, you can confidently leave your vehicle in this well-maintained parking facility.

Both parking areas at Nana Airport are equipped with modern security measures to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all travelers. Security personnel are present to monitor the premises at all times, adding an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.

To make your parking experience even more convenient, Nana Airport offers various payment methods, including cash and card payments. Moreover, the airport’s parking rates are reasonable and designed to suit different budgets, ensuring that parking remains affordable for all travelers.

Next time you fly out of Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands, rest assured that your car will be safe and secure in one of the designated parking areas. The Short-Term Parking option guarantees quick access to the terminal, while the Long-Term Parking area provides a convenient and secure parking space for longer durations. Enjoy a worry-free journey knowing that your vehicle is parked at Nana Airport’s reliable and efficient parking facilities.

Car Rental at Nana Airport

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Nana Airport, located in the Solomon Islands, serves as a vital transportation hub for both domestic and international travelers. The airport features two terminals, with separate sections dedicated to domestic and international flights. These well-maintained facilities ensure efficient and comfortable travel experiences for passengers.

The domestic terminal at Nana Airport offers a range of modern amenities, including check-in counters, waiting lounges, and baggage handling services. Passengers can conveniently access a variety of domestic destinations, connecting them to the beautiful islands and remote regions of the Solomon Islands. The terminal provides a safe and efficient environment, with friendly staff ready to assist travelers with their needs.

The international terminal caters to passengers embarking on or arriving from international flights. Equipped with all the necessary facilities, such as immigration and customs counters, duty-free shops, and currency exchange services, this terminal ensures smooth international travel experiences. Passengers can relax in comfortable seating areas while waiting for their flights, enjoying the airport’s clean and well-lit surroundings.

Overall, Nana Airport’s terminals showcase a commitment to providing high-quality services for travelers. With its domestic and international terminals efficiently designed to facilitate smooth travel experiences, Nana Airport plays a crucial role in connecting people to various exciting destinations within the Solomon Islands and beyond.

Operating Airlines

At present, there is no airport called Nana in Solomon Islands.

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Security Protocols

Nana Airport, located in the Solomon Islands, maintains stringent security protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and personnel. These protocols are in place to prevent any potential security threats or incidents.

Upon entering Nana Airport, passengers are required to go through a thorough screening process. This includes the scanning of their carry-on and checked luggage, as well as their personal belongings. Advanced technologies such as X-ray machines, metal detectors, and explosive detection systems are utilized to thoroughly examine all items being brought onto the aircraft.

Additionally, all passengers are subject to a comprehensive security check, which typically involves a detailed examination of their passport, travel documents, and identification. This verification process helps to ensure that only authorized individuals are granted access to the airport and its facilities.

Nana Airport also employs trained security staff who are constantly monitoring the premises. These professionals are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment throughout the airport. They enforce strict adherence to security protocols, carry out regular patrols, and are ready to respond effectively in case of any security emergencies.

By implementing these robust security protocols, Nana Airport upholds its commitment to providing a safe and secure travel experience for all passengers. These measures not only enhance the security at the airport but also contribute to the broader goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of the Solomon Islands’ aviation industry.

Traveler’s Assistance

Nana Airport, located in the beautiful Solomon Islands, serves as a vital transportation hub for travelers visiting this stunning Pacific archipelago. With its informative and reliable traveler’s assistance services, Nana Airport ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for all passengers. From the moment you step foot into the airport, you can expect to be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Nana Airport’s traveler’s assistance team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of inquiries and concerns, offering valuable information about local attractions, accommodations, and transportation options. Whether you are looking for recommendations on the best diving spots or seeking assistance with booking a hotel, the staff at Nana Airport is always ready to lend a helping hand. Their informative tone and willingness to go the extra mile make them an invaluable resource for travelers seeking guidance during their stay in the Solomon Islands.

Additionally, Nana Airport offers a range of practical services to make your travel experience as convenient as possible. These include baggage handling, currency exchange, and assistance with customs and immigration procedures. The airport’s efficient and well-organized facilities ensure that travelers can navigate through arrivals and departures with ease, ensuring a stress-free start or end to their journey.

In summary, Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands is renowned for its exceptional traveler’s assistance services. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, they offer valuable information, practical services, and a warm welcome to all visitors. Whether you are a first-time traveler or a frequent visitor, Nana Airport’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on your journey through this breathtaking island nation.

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Shops and Restaurants

Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands offers a limited but pleasant range of shops and restaurants for travelers to enjoy. Whether you are looking to grab a quick bite or do some last-minute shopping, Nana Airport has got you covered.

The airport features a small selection of shops that cater to various needs. For those looking to bring back some local souvenirs, there are gift shops offering traditional handicrafts, clothing, and accessories. These stores provide a perfect opportunity to take home a piece of the Solomon Islands’ rich and vibrant culture.

If you’re in need of travel essentials or forgotten items, there is a convenience store conveniently located in the terminal. Here, you can find a range of snacks, beverages, toiletries, and other necessities to ensure a comfortable journey. The store is well-stocked and provides a hassle-free experience for travelers on the go.

After a long flight or during a layover, Nana Airport offers a few restaurants and cafes that provide a variety of culinary options. There are cozy cafes where you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea, accompanied by light snacks or pastries. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, there are also eateries serving both local and international cuisine. From hearty meals to quick bites, these restaurants cater to diverse tastes and offer a pleasant dining experience within the airport premises.

It’s important to note that while the range of shops and restaurants at Nana Airport may be limited compared to larger airports, they still provide a convenient and comfortable experience for travelers passing through. So, whether you’re looking to pick up some souvenirs, grab a meal, or simply relax before your next flight, Nana Airport has a small but satisfactory selection of shops and restaurants to meet your needs.

Prayer Rooms and Worship Areas

The Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands offers dedicated prayer rooms and worship areas to accommodate the religious needs of its passengers. These facilities are conveniently located within the airport premises, providing a serene and quiet space for spiritual reflection and worship.

The main prayer room is situated in the terminal building, easily accessible for all passengers. It offers a tranquil environment with comfortable seating arrangements, allowing individuals to engage in their prayers and connect with their faith. The prayer room is designed to cater to various religious practices, ensuring that individuals from different backgrounds can find solace and peace during their time at the airport.

In addition to the main prayer room, there are also smaller designated areas throughout the airport where passengers can engage in private worship. These areas are scattered strategically, ensuring accessibility throughout the airport premises. Whether it’s a secluded corner or a dedicated space near boarding gates, passengers can find a quiet spot to fulfill their spiritual obligations.

It’s worth mentioning that the airport management consistently ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of these prayer rooms and worship areas. Regular cleaning and maintenance services are carried out to ensure that these spaces remain serene and suitable for prayer and worship.

Overall, Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands takes pride in providing prayer rooms and worship areas to cater to the religious needs of its diverse range of passengers. These facilities offer a peaceful retreat within the bustling airport environment, allowing individuals to find solace and connect with their faith during their journey.

WiFi and Workspace Facilities

Nana Airport, located in the Solomon Islands, offers convenient amenities for travelers who need to stay connected and get work done during their time at the airport. With a focus on providing a comfortable and productive environment, Nana Airport ensures that passengers can access WiFi and find suitable workspace facilities.

One of the key features of Nana Airport is its reliable WiFi connectivity. Travelers can easily connect to the airport’s WiFi network, allowing them to stay connected with their loved ones, catch up on emails, or browse the internet. This high-speed internet service ensures that passengers can seamlessly continue their online activities without any interruption.

For those who require a dedicated workspace, Nana Airport provides well-equipped areas designed to cater to these needs. Whether you need to finish some urgent work, prepare for a meeting, or simply require a quiet space to concentrate, the airport offers designated workstations with comfortable seating and ample desk space. These workspaces are designed to provide a conducive environment, allowing passengers to focus on their tasks.

Moreover, Nana Airport understands the importance of ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for its travelers. This is why the airport offers power outlets near the workstations, allowing passengers to charge their devices and stay powered up throughout their time at the airport. This thoughtful feature ensures that travelers do not have to worry about their devices running out of battery while working.

Additionally, Nana Airport recognizes the need for sustenance during work or study sessions. The airport boasts a variety of dining options, including cafes and restaurants, where passengers can grab a quick bite or enjoy a full meal. These dining establishments offer a comfortable ambiance, making it convenient for travelers to relax and refuel before or after their work sessions.

In conclusion, Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands understands the importance of providing WiFi and workspace facilities to cater to the needs of its travelers. With reliable WiFi connectivity, dedicated workstations, power outlets, and a range of dining options, the airport ensures that passengers can stay connected, productive, and comfortable throughout their time at the airport.

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Accomodation Options Nearby Nana Airport

When it comes to finding accommodation options at Nana Airport in the beautiful Solomon Islands, there are several choices catering to different budgets and preferences. From budget-friendly options to luxurious escapes, here’s a comprehensive list of accommodations sure to suit various travelers:

1. Guesthouses and Homestays: Perfect for budget-conscious travelers, local guesthouses and homestays offer a chance to immerse yourself in the authentic Solomon Islands culture while keeping costs low. These options usually provide simple yet comfortable rooms with shared facilities, allowing you to experience local hospitality at an affordable price.

2. Motels and Inns: Just a step above guesthouses, motels and inns near Nana Airport provide more amenities and privacy while still being budget-friendly. They offer compact yet cozy rooms with private facilities and often include on-site dining options, making them convenient choices for short stays.

3. Mid-Range Hotels: As you move up the price range, you’ll find mid-range hotels that blend comfort and affordability. These hotels typically offer well-appointed rooms with private facilities, air conditioning, and other basic amenities. They often have on-site restaurants, Wi-Fi access, and may even include facilities such as swimming pools or fitness centers.

4. Eco-Lodges and Resorts: For nature lovers seeking a unique experience, eco-lodges and resorts within reach of Nana Airport provide an opportunity to stay close to pristine rainforests, magnificent coral reefs, and stunning beaches. These properties emphasize sustainability, offering a range of comfortable accommodations harmoniously integrated with their natural surroundings. They usually provide a wide array of activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, bird watching, and guided tours.

5. Upmarket Resorts and Luxury Villas: If you’re seeking a pampering escape or a romantic getaway, luxurious resorts and private villas await you near Nana Airport. These establishments boast elegant and spacious accommodations, often featuring breathtaking ocean views, private pools, and personalized services. Amenities such as on-site spas, gourmet dining, and butler service ensure an indulgent experience for the discerning traveler.

Remember to book your desired accommodation in advance to secure availability, especially during peak travel seasons. Regardless of your budget, the accommodations near Nana Airport in the Solomon Islands guarantee unforgettable experiences nestled in the natural beauty of this tropical paradise.

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Attractions Nearby

1. Bonegi Beach: Just a short drive from Nana Airport, Bonegi Beach offers crystal-clear waters, pristine sandy beaches, and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Explore the abundant marine life and the wreckage of World War II vessels.

2. Tenaru Waterfalls: A must-visit attraction near Nana Airport, Tenaru Waterfalls showcases the natural beauty of the Solomon Islands. Hike through lush rainforests and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cascading waterfalls.

3. Vilu War Museum: Located near Nana Airport, the Vilu War Museum provides a fascinating insight into the history of the Solomon Islands during World War II. Explore the exhibits that showcase artifacts, photographs, and personal stories from the war.

4. Honiara Botanical Gardens: Situated within a short distance from Nana Airport, the Honiara Botanical Gardens offer a peaceful escape from the busy city. Stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens, spot exotic plant species, and enjoy a picnic amidst nature.

5. Mount Austin: Rising 442 meters above sea level, Mount Austin offers breathtaking panoramic views of Honiara and the surrounding islands. A relatively easy hike will reward you with stunning vista points near Nana Airport.

6. National Museum and Cultural Centre: Discover the rich cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands at the National Museum and Cultural Centre. Located near Nana Airport, this institution exhibits traditional artwork, tribal artifacts, and educational displays on the local culture and traditions.

7. Central Market: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Honiara’s Central Market, just a short distance from Nana Airport. Explore the colorful stalls selling fresh produce, handicrafts, and traditional souvenirs, and engage with friendly locals.

8. Honiara Heritage Park: Step back in time at the Honiara Heritage Park, where you can explore the remnants of old World War II gun placements and bunkers. This historical site near Nana Airport offers a glimpse into the pivotal role the Solomon Islands played during the war.

9. Iron Bottom Sound: Dive into history by exploring the internationally renowned Iron Bottom Sound, a graveyard of shipwrecks from World War II. Located close to Nana Airport, this area offers incredible diving experiences with a chance to witness history beneath the crystal-clear waters.

10. Guadalcanal American Memorial: Pay your respects at the Guadalcanal American Memorial dedicated to the US Marines who lost their lives during the Battle of Guadalcanal. The memorial is located near Nana Airport and offers a serene space for reflection and remembrance.

History of Nana Airport

Nana Airport, located in the Solomon Islands, holds a significant place in the region’s aviation history. The airport was initially established during World War II by the United States military as a strategic base for air operations in the Pacific. This makes Nana Airport one of the oldest airstrips in the Solomon Islands.

Throughout the war, Nana Airport played a crucial role in supporting Allied forces’ missions against the Japanese Imperial Army. It served as a vital base for the U.S. Marines and contributed significantly to their operations in the region. After the war, the airport was gradually converted into a civilian facility.

Since its transition to civilian use, Nana Airport has continued to be a key transportation hub for both domestic and international flights. It serves as a major gateway to the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, offering connections to other domestic destinations. The airport’s infrastructure has undergone significant upgrades over the years, improving its facilities and enhancing passenger experience.

Today, Nana Airport stands as a testament to the resilience and historical significance of the Solomon Islands. As air travel continues to grow, the airport remains an essential link, connecting the islands with the rest of the world and fostering economic development in the region.

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