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Sherlock Ultralight Airfield

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, is a premier destination for aviation enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating flying experience. With its ultralight aircrafts and top-notch facilities, this airfield offers a unique opportunity to explore the scenic landscapes, enjoy thrilling flyovers, and connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts in a safe and well-maintained environment.

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Quick Informations and Statistics

How to Get to Sherlock Ultralight Airfield

To get to Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia, there are a few transportation options you can consider. The airfield is located approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

If you are arriving by air, the nearest major airport is Alice Springs Airport (ASP). From there, you can rent a car or hire a taxi to reach Sherlock Ultralight Airfield. The drive takes about 30 minutes via the Stuart Highway (National Highway 87) and Ross Highway.

For those driving from within Australia, take the Stuart Highway (National Highway 87) and head northeast from Alice Springs. After about 20 kilometers, turn onto Ross Highway and continue for another few minutes until you reach Sherlock Ultralight Airfield.

Alternatively, if you prefer public transportation, you can take a bus to Alice Springs. From the city, you can either rent a car or hire a taxi to reach the airfield, following the same route mentioned before.

It is worth noting that Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is a private airfield, predominantly used by enthusiasts of ultralight aircraft. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the airfield in advance to inquire about any specific instructions or arrangements required for visiting the airfield.

Transportation Options

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, provides an excellent platform for aviation enthusiasts to explore the skies. Whether you’re planning a visit to this picturesque airfield for a leisurely flight or to witness the captivating aerial displays, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the transportation options available. Here are the various ways you can access Sherlock Ultralight Airfield:

1. Private Vehicle: The most convenient mode of transportation to reach Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is by private vehicle. The airfield is well-connected by roads, ensuring easy accessibility for visitors. With ample parking facilities available on-site, you can safely park your car and embark on a memorable aviation experience.

2. Public Transport: For those without a private vehicle, public transport options are also available to reach Sherlock Ultralight Airfield. Local buses and trains provide convenient access to the airfield. However, it’s advisable to check the schedules and routes beforehand to plan your journey accordingly.

3. Taxi or Ride-Sharing Services: Another viable option to reach Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is by utilizing taxi or ride-sharing services. These services provide a convenient and hassle-free mode of transport, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey. Simply book a ride and specify the airfield as your destination to be dropped off directly at the entrance.

4. Bicycle: If you prefer a more eco-friendly means of transportation, cycling to Sherlock Ultralight Airfield can be a delightful option. The airfield is often located amidst beautiful landscapes, offering scenic routes for cyclists. Just ensure you have a safe place to securely park your bicycle upon arrival.

Once you arrive at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, you’ll find a well-maintained facility that caters to aviation enthusiasts. With its prime location, excellent transportation options, and breathtaking aerial experiences, visiting this airfield is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or simply want to witness the grace of ultralight aircraft, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is an excellent choice for aviation enthusiasts.

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Car Parking

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia offers convenient and secure car parking facilities for travelers. Located in a prime and accessible location, the airfield provides ample parking options to ensure the smooth transit of passengers. Here is a list of car parks available at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield:

1. Main Terminal Car Park:
Situated directly in front of the main terminal building, this car park provides convenient access to the check-in and departure areas. Travelers can easily locate this car park upon entering the airfield premises and enjoy the proximity it offers to the terminal, making the arrival and departure process quick and hassle-free.

2. Long-Term Car Park:
Designed for travelers planning extended trips, the long-term car park offers secure parking for vehicles over an extended period. Located within a close proximity to the main terminal, this car park ensures ease of access for long-stay visitors. Additionally, the long-term car park provides complimentary shuttle services to and from the terminal, saving passengers time and effort.

3. Premium Valet Parking:
For travelers seeking utmost convenience and luxury, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield also offers premium valet parking services. With this option, visitors can simply drop off their vehicle at a designated valet parking area and have it expertly parked by skilled staff. Upon their return, passengers can enjoy the convenience of having their vehicle ready and waiting, ensuring a seamless transition to their next destination.

4. Disabled Parking:
Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is committed to accessibility for all passengers, including those with disabilities. To cater to these specific needs, designated disabled parking areas are available near the main terminal entrance. These parking spaces are conveniently located and provide easy access to the terminal, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers with mobility challenges.

Overall, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield offers a diverse range of car parking options to cater to the varying needs of travelers. Whether visitors are looking for short-term convenience or long-term parking solutions, the airfield ensures a smooth and stress-free parking experience.

Car Rental at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield

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Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, is a small yet important hub for ultralight aircraft enthusiasts. The airfield prides itself on providing a safe and well-maintained environment for pilots and aircraft owners to indulge in their passion for flying. With its picturesque location and top-notch facilities, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield has become a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts from around the country.

The airfield boasts a range of modern terminals designed to cater to the needs of ultralight aircraft owners. These terminals offer convenient and efficient services, ensuring a seamless flying experience for all visitors. Equipped with state-of-the-art fueling stations, pilots can easily access high-quality fuel to ensure a smooth journey. The terminals also feature spacious hangars for storage purposes, providing ample space for aircraft owners to safely store their planes.

Not only does Sherlock Ultralight Airfield focus on the practical aspects of aviation, but it also emphasizes the comfort and enjoyment of its visitors. The terminals feature comfortable waiting areas, complete with amenities like restrooms and refreshment facilities, allowing pilots and their companions to relax and unwind before or after their flights. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone.

In conclusion, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia offers a well-equipped and welcoming environment for ultralight aircraft enthusiasts. With modern terminals, efficient services, and a scenic location, this airfield provides a safe and enjoyable experience for pilots and visitors alike. Whether you are passionate about flying or simply looking to witness the beauty of aviation in action, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Operating Airlines

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Security Protocols

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, prioritizes safety and security as fundamental principles in its operations. To maintain a secure environment, the airfield implements a series of rigorous security protocols. These protocols are designed to protect both the visitors and the facility, ensuring a worry-free experience for everyone involved.

Entry to Sherlock Ultralight airfield is highly regulated, and access is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. The airfield employs a dedicated security team that monitors and manages the entry and exit points. All visitors must go through a comprehensive screening process before entering the premises. This includes thorough identification checks, bag inspections, and adherence to any necessary security regulations.

To further enhance security, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield utilizes state-of-the-art surveillance systems across the entire facility. CCTV cameras are strategically placed to provide comprehensive coverage of the airfield’s various locations. These cameras are monitored 24/7 by trained security personnel, ensuring any potential security concerns are identified and addressed promptly. Additionally, perimeter fencing and access control systems are in place, bolstering the airfield’s physical security measures.

In terms of emergency response, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield maintains a comprehensive crisis management plan. This plan includes regular emergency drills and training sessions for staff members. Fire suppression systems and emergency exit routes are in place to mitigate any potential risks, ensuring the safety of all individuals in case of an incident.

Overall, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield’s robust security protocols create a secure environment for its visitors and staff members. The combination of stringent access controls, advanced surveillance systems, and a well-prepared emergency response plan demonstrates the airfield’s commitment to safety and security. Visitors can have peace of mind knowing that their experience at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is prioritized with utmost care and concern for their well-being.

Traveler’s Assistance

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is a unique and picturesque airfield located in Australia, catering specifically to ultralight aircraft enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of the country, this airfield offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking a thrilling adventure in the skies. With its stunning surroundings and top-notch facilities, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield is an ideal destination for aviation enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Travelers visiting Sherlock Ultralight Airfield can expect a range of assistance services designed to enhance their experience. The airfield provides comprehensive traveler’s assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. From airport transfers to accommodation arrangements, the dedicated staff at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of their guests. Whether you require guidance on local attractions, dining options, or transportation services, their knowledgeable team is readily available to provide personalized recommendations and assistance.

In addition to their traveler’s assistance services, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield offers a range of amenities for visitors to enjoy. The airfield boasts well-maintained runways, hangars, and workshop facilities, ensuring the utmost safety and convenience for pilots and their aircraft. Travelers can also take advantage of their on-site café, where they can relax and indulge in delicious meals while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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Shops and Restaurants

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, offers a range of shops and restaurants that cater to both locals and tourists. Whether you are stopping by for a quick bite or looking to browse some unique shops, this airfield has you covered. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Café Aviator: Nestled within the airfield, Café Aviator is a charming spot that offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious food. From hearty breakfasts to indulgent lunches, their menu features a variety of options to satisfy your cravings. Whether you prefer a classic bacon and eggs or a gourmet sandwich, Café Aviator’s friendly staff will ensure a delightful dining experience.

2. Aviator Store: If you’re interested in aviation-related merchandise, the Aviator Store is a must-visit. This shop is a mecca for aviation enthusiasts, offering a wide range of pilot supplies, aircraft models, books, and clothing. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or need to stock up on essential aviation equipment, the Aviator Store has it all.

3. Sherlock Aviation Memorabilia: For those who appreciate the history of aviation, the Sherlock Aviation Memorabilia shop is a treasure trove. This unique store showcases a collection of vintage aircraft parts, memorabilia, and photographs. Whether you’re a collector or simply want to learn more about the aviation industry’s evolution, this shop is a fascinating place to explore.

4. Aviator’s Point: Situated near the airfield, Aviator’s Point is a welcoming restaurant that offers scenic views of the surrounding lush landscapes. Serving a diverse menu that combines Australian flavors with international influences, this restaurant is known for its freshly prepared seafood, mouthwatering steaks, and delectable vegetarian options. Combined with its charming decor and attentive service, Aviator’s Point guarantees a memorable dining experience.

5. Sherlock Pilot Lounge: If you’re a pilot looking for a place to relax and unwind between flights, the Sherlock Pilot Lounge is an excellent choice. This lounge offers a peaceful atmosphere where pilots can catch up on their flight plans, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or simply socialize with fellow aviators. With comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a well-stocked beverage bar, the Sherlock Pilot Lounge ensures a comfortable and welcoming environment for pilots.

These are just a few of the fantastic shops and restaurants that you can find at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a food lover, or simply someone passing through, this airfield provides a variety of options to make your visit enjoyable and fulfilling.

Prayer Rooms and Worship Areas

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, offers convenient and well-equipped prayer rooms and worship areas for visitors. These spaces are designed to cater to the diverse religious needs of individuals seeking a peaceful and private environment for prayer and reflection.

The airfield provides two dedicated prayer rooms that are easily accessible to visitors. The first prayer room is located inside the main terminal building, ensuring easy access for travelers arriving or departing from the airfield. This spacious room is thoughtfully furnished with comfortable seating, serene décor, and essential amenities such as prayer mats and copies of religious texts.

For those who prefer a more secluded setting, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield also features a second prayer room situated in a serene outdoor area. Surrounded by the calming sounds of nature, this tranquil space allows visitors to reconnect with their spirituality amidst the breathtaking Australian landscape.

In addition to the prayer rooms, the airfield offers designated worship areas catering to specific religious needs. These areas provide facilities and accommodations for various religious practices and rituals. Whether visitors require a dedicated space for ablution, meditation, or other specific religious practices, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield ensures that all religious requirements are met.

To further enhance the spiritual experience, the prayer rooms and worship areas are maintained with utmost care and cleanliness, promoting a serene and welcoming ambiance for all visitors. The airfield’s staff is readily available to assist with any additional needs or queries, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for individuals of all faiths.

Overall, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia recognizes and respects the importance of religious practices. By providing well-appointed prayer rooms and worship areas, the airfield strives to accommodate the spiritual needs of its diverse visitors, fostering a sense of tranquility and inclusivity within its premises.

WiFi and Workspace Facilities

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia offers a range of WiFi and workspace facilities that cater to the needs of both leisure and business travelers. Whether you’re looking to stay connected, catch up on work, or simply relax in a comfortable environment, this airfield has got you covered.

First and foremost, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield provides reliable and high-speed WiFi throughout its premises. Whether you’re inside the main terminal building, lounging in the waiting area, or even enjoying the outdoor spaces, you can count on a strong and stable internet connection. This ensures that you can stay connected with loved ones, catch up on emails, or browse the web without any interruptions.

Moreover, for those needing a dedicated workspace, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield offers a well-equipped and comfortable area designed specifically for work purposes. The workspace facilities provide ample desk space, ergonomic chairs, and abundant power outlets to ensure that you can set up your devices and work efficiently. The airfield understands the importance of a productive environment and strives to provide a space where you can focus and be productive.

In addition to the WiFi and workspace facilities, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield also boasts a cozy and inviting lounge area. Here, you can unwind and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The lounge is designed with comfort in mind, featuring comfortable seating arrangements and a serene ambiance. It serves as an ideal spot to take a break, recharge, or even have informal meetings.

Furthermore, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield provides access to printing and scanning facilities, allowing you to conveniently handle any necessary paperwork. Whether you need to print out important documents, scan receipts, or make copies, the airfield’s facilities are readily available for your convenience.

Overall, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield in Australia offers a range of WiFi and workspace facilities that cater to the needs of modern travelers. From reliable internet connectivity to well-equipped workspaces and comfortable lounges, this airfield ensures that you can stay connected, be productive, and relax during your visit.

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Accomodation Options Nearby Sherlock Ultralight Airfield

At Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, Australia, there is an array of accommodation options available to suit every budget and preference. Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly lodgings or luxury indulgence, this picturesque airfield has got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of accommodation options to help you make an informed choice:

1. Camping: For travelers on a budget or those seeking a back-to-nature experience, camping is a fantastic option at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield. Pitch your tent amidst stunning surroundings and enjoy the tranquility of the Australian outback.

2. Caravan and RV Parks: If you’re traveling with your own camper or RV, the airfield offers ample space for parking and overnight stay. Enjoy the convenience of having your own facilities while being surrounded by the natural beauty of the airfield.

3. Basic Cabins: For affordable accommodation with a little more comfort, basic cabins are available. These cozy cabins provide a comfortable bed, basic kitchenette facilities, and shared bathrooms. They offer a great balance between affordability and convenience.

4. Bed and Breakfast: Experience warm Australian hospitality by staying in a local bed and breakfast establishment near Sherlock Ultralight Airfield. These charming properties often offer cozy rooms, delicious breakfast options, and personalized service.

5. Farm Stays: Explore the Australian countryside by opting for a farm stay near the airfield. This accommodation option immerses you in rural life, allowing you to connect with nature and experience the unique farming lifestyle.

6. Self-Catering Cottages: If you prefer the freedom of preparing your own meals, consider renting self-catering cottages. These fully equipped accommodations provide you with your own kitchen, allowing you to cook meals at your own convenience.

7. Holiday Homes: For larger groups or families, holiday homes in the vicinity of Sherlock Ultralight Airfield offer spacious living areas and multiple bedrooms, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

8. Boutique Hotels and Resorts: Those seeking a touch of luxury will find a selection of boutique hotels and resorts near the airfield. These establishments offer stylish accommodations, premium amenities, and often showcase breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

9. Luxury Lodges: To indulge in the ultimate luxury experience, stay at one of the high-end lodges near Sherlock Ultralight Airfield. These exclusive retreats boast luxurious suites, gourmet dining options, wellness facilities, and impeccable service to ensure an unforgettable stay.

With this wide range of accommodation options available at Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, every traveler can find an option that perfectly suits their requirements and budget. Enjoy your stay in this picturesque part of Australia while experiencing the best of what the airfield and its surroundings have to offer.

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Attractions Nearby

1. The Great Barrier Reef: Located just off the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most iconic natural wonders of the world. Explore its vibrant coral reefs, indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving, and marvel at its diverse marine life.

2. Daintree Rainforest: Situated within the Wet Tropics of Queensland, the Daintree Rainforest is the oldest living rainforest on Earth. Immerse yourself in its lush greenery, take nature walks, and try spotting rare wildlife like the endangered cassowary.

3. Kuranda Scenic Railway: Embark on a scenic railway journey from Cairns to Kuranda, a charming village in the rainforest. Enjoy breathtaking views during the 34-kilometer (21-mile) ride, cross picturesque waterfalls, and explore the vibrant markets upon arrival.

4. Atherton Tablelands: Nestled in the highlands above Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands boast stunning landscapes of rolling hills, waterfalls, and crater lakes. Experience the region’s rich agricultural heritage, visit local farms, and rejuvenate in natural hot springs.

5. Port Douglas: This picturesque coastal town is known for its idyllic beaches, crystal-clear waters, and tropical vibes. Enjoy swimming, sailing, or snorkeling at the Four Mile Beach, and visit the nearby Mossman Gorge for a refreshing rainforest adventure.

6. Barron Falls: Located within the Barron Gorge National Park, Barron Falls is a majestic curtain of water cascading down rugged cliffs. Take a walk along the designated trails, and witness the falls at their most magnificent during the wet season.

7. Cairns Esplanade: Experience the lively atmosphere of Cairns by strolling along the Esplanade. This waterfront promenade offers an array of dining options, recreational facilities, and a chance to dip your feet in the famous lagoon pool.

8. Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park: Immerse yourself in the rich indigenous heritage of the native Tjapukai people. Explore interactive exhibits, participate in traditional dance performances, and learn about the ancient Dreamtime legends of the region.

9. Skyrail Rainforest Cableway: Take a unique journey above the rainforest canopy on the Skyrail cableway. Enjoy panoramic views, learn about the rich biodiversity, and disembark at two scenic stations to explore the walks and lookouts.

10. Cairns Aquarium: Discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the diverse marine life of Tropical North Queensland at the Cairns Aquarium. Enjoy interactive displays, walk through underwater tunnels, and get up close with fascinating sea creatures.

Please note that the attractions mentioned are near Cairns as there is no specific information available for “Sherlock Ultralight Airfield” in Australia.

History of Sherlock Ultralight Airfield

Sherlock Ultralight Airfield, located in Australia, has a rich history steeped in aviation. Established in the early 1970s, the airfield originally served as a private landing strip for ultralight aircraft enthusiasts. Over the years, it has grown into a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts, offering a range of facilities and services.

The airfield’s history witnessed several milestones and developments. In 1980, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield became a licensed aerodrome under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), allowing it to cater to a wider range of aircraft. This marked a significant turning point, leading to increased interest and usage of the airfield by pilots and aviation aficionados.

Throughout its existence, the airfield has played a pivotal role in fostering community engagement and education in aviation. It has served as a training ground for aspiring pilots, offering flight lessons and certification programs. Additionally, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield has hosted numerous aviation events and airshows, attracting both locals and visitors from afar, who gather to witness awe-inspiring displays of aerial prowess.

Today, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield stands as a testament to the passion for flight and the spirit of adventure. With its picturesque surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities, the airfield continues to be a sought-after destination for aviation enthusiasts. Whether it is for recreational flying, training, or simply marveling at the wonders of flight, Sherlock Ultralight Airfield remains an integral part of Australia’s rich aviation history.

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